Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kennedy's First Day of School-Take 2!

Kennedy started Curtis Kindergarten today. We went to enroll Kennedy at Liberty Christian for first grade this spring semester after my homeschooling her this fall semester. (Hats off to you Mama's who homeschool, but it's just not for me :)
With their curriculum and pace they were far ahead of where Kennedy is, not to mention she is a young first grader with an end of June birthday. They advised us to put her in Kindergarten to get her prepared for first grade next fall.
Kennedy's teacher is Mrs. Dotson, who happened to go to HU with Katy and did the same masters reading program a year earlier! This made Kennedy very happy to have a "Katy link"!
We didn't realize our next door neighbor, Raven, was in this class, too. Kennedy was so happy to see a familiar face.
I was unprepared for Kennedy being clingy and crying when I left her at school this morning. I called a few hours later to check on her and the director told me she was doing great and even in a girls club!
There are only 8 kids in Kennedy's class and the teacher keeps a blog-much improved school situation this time around.
Kennedy was seriously impressed with the class pet, a guinea pig named S'more. The playground and upstairs classroom was a big hit, too.
She came home talking about having a Bible lesson, praying, and singing "Jesus songs". She said her teacher was very nice and calls her honey! She also mentioned a cute boy-oh, my! She reported that she was happy to have lasagna, green beans and applesauce and milk for lunch and applejacks milk for her AM snack.
We are so thankful for this school environment for Kennedy and think this move will be a very good thing for her.


Sandi said...

This sounds like a great set-up, Kim. I hope she loves it!

Whitney said...

Glad it's going so well!

Collins Family said...

I am glad she likes it and is having a better experience than before!